Why Hipac?

1. Superior Product Range

We offer quality, aesthetics, reliability & serviceability that are second to none. We take great pride in every piece of equipment that leaves our factory

2. Service

Directly employed service technicians Australia wide. We take the onus and frustration out of servicing your equipment

3. Flexibility

We adapt and modify internationally sourced equipment to suit the rigours and demands of local procedures, methods and requirements.

4. Proven cost savings

Extended warranty packages and existing accessory adaption ensure reduced upfront capital investment and lower life cycle costs

5. Competitiveness

We offer competitively priced products, coupled with contract pricing without the sacrifice of quality or safety.

6. Custom Manufacture

We can manufacture special attachments and adaptions to accommodate individual needs and preferences.  When you are dealing with Hipac, you are dealing directly with the original equipment manufacturer and Importer. We ensure that all imported products satisfy national practices and standards.

What sets Hipac apart from other capital equipment suppliers is our after sales support. We offer extended warranties and stand by what we sell. Our extended warranties express our confidence in our products and ensure facilities of fixed repair and maintenance costs for the future. Our commitment to the product and the customer exceeds long beyond the fulfillment of the contract.