Vacuform 2.0

The optimised, advanced surgical bedding concept.
  • Further optimised pressure relief.
  • "Weightless" feeling (like a water bed).
  • Surface almost untextured.
  • Latex-Free, Radiolucent, and suitable for MRI and CT.

The secret of perfected adaption to the body by VACUFORM surgical mattresses is microballs of styrofoam, which are stabilised by vacuum to give a lasting, completely supportive form. Reducing the diameter of the filter balls by a fifth enables more precise adaption of the surgical mattress to the body. The MicroSpace system significantly increases the feeling of physical comfort for the patient compared to conventional fillings.

Arrangement of the Vacuform MicroSpace balls without vaccum. Arrangement of the Vacuform MicroSpace balls under vacuum. Arrangement of conventional Styrofoam balls without vacuum.

Particularly during time-consuming operations or with patients who are older and in poor condition, there is a risk of pressure points leading to acute decubital ulcers and paresis (paralysis from nerve damage). The individual, ergonomic body adaptation of VACUFORM surgical mattresses effectively prevents such damage. The support pressure of the patient is optimally distributed over the whole body and thus reduced to a minimum. The microcirculation needed by the skin is unaffected. The patient has a noticeable feeling of comfort, lightness and warmth.

How does the Vacuform work?

Check out our tutorial video below. 

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