UVC Disinfection Robot

With the most powerful UV robot in the world, Skytron offer the next generation in UV light disinfection. Our patented and patent-pending technology for whole-room treatment, a power boost that pushes our units beyond the UV disinfection capabilities of our competitors, and automated dosing give our customers the most sophisticated and effective solutions to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).

With the Skytron family of germ-killing UV light robots, there's no guessing when disinfection is achieved. Our patent pending SmartDosage UV technology incorporates proprietary algorithms that automatically adjust UVC dosage and treatment time as the robot operates, ensuring effective, complete treatment irrespective of variables such as room size, layout, furnishings, and environmental characteristics. We are one of only two companies worldwide that offer this capability. The others are just guessing.         

The UVC disinfection robot provides hospitals, nursing homes and other critical care environments with the assurance that dangerous pathogens like Clostridium difficile (C. diff),  Acinetobacter and M.R.S.A., to name a few, are attacked before the next patient occupies the room.

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