Stainless Steel Tables, Trolleys and Carts

All of Hipac's trolleys and carts are made from medical grade stainless steel. All of our products have been handcrafted in Australia with the users needs at heart. We assure that every piece is designed to perfectly fit the space and the requirements of every medical environments, whether the product is off-the-shelf or custom made. We offer a full range of customisations to guarantee that you get the best possible outcome from all of your Hipac purchases. Contact our Customer Care Team for information on:coloured drawers, labelling, equipment etching, draw dividers and draw liners. 

All of our Hipac Stainless Steel Trolleys can be modified to suit your needs.These include:

  • Trolley Sizes
  • Rails
  • Shelves
  • Drawers 
  • Locking Castors

For further information about your Stainless Steel options contact our Customer Care Team on 1800 759 393.

Hipac's Trolley Customisations and Accessories

Coloured Drawers
are both aesthetically and organisationally savvy - you can simply mix and match these coloured drawers to configure a totally unique trolley to suit your objectives.

Colour coding your equipment is easy with our durable, self adhesive labels. We use these in theatres to identify which equipment belongs in each theatre.

Equipment Etching
Etching your equipment allows you to easily identify where it belongs. 

Drawer Dividers
The clear adjustable system lets you customise your drawer as needed without having to compromise your ability to visualise the items inside the drawer.

Castor Upgrades
Offering either a 75mm or 125mm castor for any instrument trolley. These castors are also available with a locking brake system.

Sterile Stock Covers
Turn any standard trolley into a sterile stock trolley.

Locking Drawers
Lock with key to suit any stainless steel trolley top drawer

Square Leg Buffer
An impact and shock absorbing buffer made from solid, hard wearing, non marking thermoplastic elastomer.