Replacement Pads

Hipac offers an efficient in-house design, manufacture and sourcing process in Australia, to ensure we can supply the correct mattress or pad to suit any medical device. 

Our overall aim whencreating or sourcing patient positioning equipment is to provide something that is perfectly adapted for its intended use and environment. It's what we do best an in turn helps you provide the best care you can for your patients and colleagues. 

Consider your linen and consumable costs today and create a durable, cleanable and reusable Custom Medical Pad

Hipac Replacement Pads have customisable options:

  • Dimensions and shape
  • Variety of vinyl colours
  • Foam density and structure
  • Labelling and indentification tags i.e. Ot #1, Ortho Store, Endo Suite
  • Fixing type- non slip, hook and loop
  • Air vents and relief valves
  • Range of medical grade vinyls
  • Seamless or chemical sealed stitching

Contact Customer Care on 1800 75 93 93 to request a quote for a custom replacement pad or mattress section, designed in-house by our product specialists, to your unique specifications.