Precision HD High Definition Camera System

High quality, surgical video begins with the Precision HD Camera System. This compact system fits any camera-ready, Aurora 3 light head handle and allows you to capture high-definition video of any procedure. See every detail of your patient's case clearly with the advanced camera capabilities such rotation, iris adjustment, zoom, d zoom, auto focus and much more.

The camera design also allows convenient transport from room to room, meaning that you can achieve superior video and clarity in any OR equipped with Aurora 3 surgical lights.

Key Features:

  • Handle-mounted, compact design
  • 120x zoom (10x optical, 12 x digital)
  • High-speed, auto focus lens
  • Offers flexible outputs for video conferencing, broadcasting and point-of-view applications
  • Controls include: camera rotation, iris adjustment, zoom, d zoom, focus, auto focus, auto white balance, one-push white balance and freeze
  • Resolution is 1080i (1920 x 1080) analog; 1080p (1920 x 1080) digital
  • HD analog Y/Pb/Pr, RGB, DVI-D outputs are available
  • Sterilizable or disposable cover permits surgeon control of surgical lighting and focus adjustments