Nautilus Fixed Focus Surgical Lighting

The Nautilus LED surgical lights combine brilliant illumination, reliable performance and incredible value into a single light. The streamlined design gives you everything that you need for your clinical environment, all at a price that will satisfy any budget.

With an intensity of up to 160,000 lux, the Nautilus LED surgical lights provide brilliant white, color-correct light for deep-cavity illumination. You will enjoy the lights' lightweight maneuverability, allowing you to accommodate varied procedure needs. Designed to stand up against the rigors of the most demanding ORs, the Nautilus LED lights are also built for durability. Each LED sits suspended from the light head surface, thereby minimizing its exposure to heat and extending the life of the fixture.

The Nautilus LED lights also feature a Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD). With this unique design, the LED's beam is reflected and split into overlapping rays that produce a clear, homogenous spot with minimal shadows. This unique reflector technology sets the Nautilus lights apart and gives you crisp illumination for every procedure. With LEDs rated for 20,000 hours operation, you will also enjoy the efficiency and energy savings these lights offer.

When it comes to illuminating your next procedure, trust Skytron's experience as the market leader in LED technology to offer you the solution you need. Allow us to deliver unprecedented reliability and value to your healthcare facility, so that your only concern is your patient.



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