IV Poles

Whether you are looking for a simple, affordable IV pole or looking for a solution that can stack to save space or carry heavy load we have an Australian Made solution to suit your requirements. All of Hipac's IV Poles are made from medical grade stainless steel. All of our products have been handcrafted in Australia with the users needs at heart. We assure that every piece is designed to perfectly fit the space and the requirements of every medical environments, whether the product is off-the-shelf or custom made.

As a local Australian manufacturer, if you are looking for something a little different to what is shown below, please contact us to discuss our customisation and special make capabilities. If it can be made in stainless steel, it's most likely we can make it for you.

If you are not sure which IV Pole is best for your application, please call our Customer Care team on 1800 759 393.