Digital Integration

What is Digital Integration?

Digital Integration is an innovative combination of software and hardware technology, which allows facilities to connect their equipment, applications and information systems together to achieve faster, more streamlined and ultimately improved patient outcomes. The ability to create an interconnected facility allows caregivers from all departments of the healthcare facility to have access to, and share critical patient data at the click of a button.
Traditionally, facilities would use paper filing systems, x-ray light viewers and other aging processes to allow staff to fulfill their responsibilities. With the introduction of digital integration within the operating theatre, clinicians now have the ability to route images and video to multiple screens, stream surgeries to outside surgical consultants, retrieve and send images to the radiology department and locate and update patient records all from the one screen in the operating theatre.

Why Hipac Integration?

Simplicity is at the core of Hipac's range of integration systems, ensuring that clinical staff of all technological abilities can operate any of our installed systems. Building on this concept of simplicity is the desire to offer each facility only the features they need at the time, through modular functionality. This allows facilities to add components as required to adapt to clinical advancements, that are happening at an ever-increasing pace in a rapidly developing digital age.