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Secura Privacy Vision Panel

SECURA Glaze and SECURA Vision are upgraded versions of the Intaglaze and IVision panels. These are built into an integral pressed stainless-steel surround, and the operator is located in the surround rather than in the glass itself for added durability and abuse resistance. It is an ideal solution for applications such as seclusion rooms or other areas in which high levels of impact and abuse are expected. These are quiet, manually operated panels and require no wiring or mains power.

SECURA Features

  • Provides 92% Visibility (SECURA Vision).
  • Tested to the Medium Secure Abuse Standard.

SECURA Benefits

  • Monitor patients easily ans safely whilst still allowing a level of privacy
  • can be keyed to maatch other items at the facility to minimise the number of keys carried by staff (Lifeline and 8mm Key available)
  • Omni-Directional Operator Design - easy to use whether right or left handed
  • Quiet operation (Controleld closing of glass and optional plastic key)

Standard Sizes: Rectangular 254 x 804mm, Square 404 x 404mm (Custom sizes available)

Standard Glass Options: 6mm, 10mm, 19mm Toughened Glass (Other glass options available)

Operator Options: Anti-Ligature Knob, Blank, 8mm Key, Lifeline Key

Testing: Cycle tested to greater than 40,000 cycles (10 years typical use).

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