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IVision Privacy Vision Panel

The IVision panel is a unique design that allows up to twice the open area compared to other similar vision panels available on the market. This new and revolutionary product has an open and closed state. In the open state it provides up to 67% visibility on the 404 x 404mm panel, up to 80% visibility on a 254 x 804mm panel and blackout in its closed state. It is a quiet, manually operated panel requiring no wiring or mains power. This is an ideal solution for doors where visibility is required periodically however privacy is required the rest of the time. For example a patient bedroom door where privacy is required however regular observations need to be made by staff. The vision panels can be controlled by either a knob or key, depending on requirements.

IVision Benefits

  • Monitor patients easily and safely whilst allowing a level of privacy
  • Can be keyed to match other items at the facility to minimise the number of keys carried by staff (Lifeline and 8mm Key available)
  • Omni-Directional Operator Design - easy to use whether right or left-handed

Standard Sizes: Rectangular 254 x 804mm, Square 404 x 404mm (Custom sizes available).

Standard Glass Options: 6mm, 10mm and 19mm Toughened Glass (Other glass options available).

Operator Options: Anti-Ligature Knob, Blank, 8mm Key, Lifeline Key.

Surround Options: Stainless Steel or Timber Beading.

Testing: Cycle tested to greater than 40,000 cycles (10 years typical use).

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