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Sure Grip Anti-Ligature Handle

The Sure Grip Anti-Ligature Pull Handle has been designed with input from groups and inviduals from clinical staff to architects and service users, to provide a modern, contemporary handle which still harnesses the robustness and durability of the existing market-leading range.

This handle features an invisible backplate, assisting in the normalisation of Mental Health environments, without sacrificing handle durability or ease of installation.

The Suregrip has better grip than existing pull handles, ensuring comort and practicality in every-day use. Regardless of your dominant hand, the hand you use to open the door depends on its swing direction. That's why these handles are handed - allowing for a more natural grip when pulling the door open. The handle can simply be rotated 180 degrees to change the handing.

This anti-ligature handle is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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