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Elephants Trunk Pull Handle

Designed specifically for applications where manual dexterity is of primary concern, the Elephants Trunk provides the perfect anti-ligature handle solution. This robust and solid cast product is of sleek design and offers a stylish alternative to the more commonly known 'Witches Nose' handle. It has been cleverly designed to work on two different back-plates the first (730A) being a flat plate suitable for either new doors or retro-fit applications and designed for a simple surface mount fixing.

The second option (730E) provides for the handle to be mounted on a recessed dish which further increases the amount of available space behind the handle for the bigger hand but requires more detailed door preparation prior to installation.

Despite the high demand for this type of handle neither the 730A or 730E handle conform to DHF TS001 due to the very nature of their design. These handles are better suited to applications where there is less challenging behaviour unless installed with back to back bolt through fixings which the product has been designed to accommodate.

Dimensions: 205mm x 90mm x 3mm

This anti-ligature handle is tested to Level B4 TS001 Grade

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