PR1 Primary Override 86 Latch-Lock (Key/Key)

For use in low-risk patient areas where doors are controlled by staff only. A closed door is a locked door.

Product use:
Walk-In Cupboards
Corridors and Link Doors
The '86' like its associates conforms to DHF TS001 and has been developed in response to a growing demand for automatic locking applications where a key/key function is required. For example, in some EU countries where legislation is different to the UK, such a function would be permissible on bedroom doors.

Other applications might include 'through route' doors where an automatic locking function ensures the doors cannot inadvertently be left unlocked to prevent unauthorised service user movement.

This product comes complete with an anti-thrust bolt which effectively deadlocks the latch when the door is in the closed position. This is an essential feature for outward opening doors which are more prone to tamper.

The '86' is also available with a 'passage set' option at no extra charge. This feature enables the latch to be temporarily withheld preventing the door from auto-locking which is a particularly useful feature especially when there is a period of continual through traffic or when foods are ferried through the door. Please see our brochure below for alternative handle options
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