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PR-1-76 Ensuite Lockset

For use in low-risk patient areas where patients are not required to have the ability to lock/unlock doors.

Product use:

  • En-Suite/Bathrooms
  • Service Risers CPR1-76Xl
  • Shallow Cupboards
  • Laundry Rooms

The '76' is primarily designed for en-suite bathrooms where a pull handle is required on both sides of the door. On this model locking is limited to one side of the door only which in the case of an en-suite bathroom is particularly useful for isolation purposes in the event of any damage to internal fixtures and fittings.

Ordinarily, it is not considered necessary to provide the service user with a locking feature on the inside of an en-suite bathroom as this can be achieved by locking the main bedroom door. However, if a locking facility is considered necessary then this can be achieved by specification of either the Primera PR1-56 or PR3-56 Indicator Lockset,both of which come equipped with an internal Turn/Pull handle.

In certain circumstances (e.g. CAMHS Units) it is widely considered advisable to lock open the en-suite bathroom door during the day. This can be achieved by specification of either the Primera PR1-96 or PR3-96 locksets both of which are supplied in a key/key format.

Due to the applications for which the '76' lockset is intended it does not require any special anti-barricade functions though all the other essential features of our market leading range are included which enables the continuity of Primera styling throughout the building. Some applications for the '76' function do not require a pull handle on both sides of the door. Please quote P/N PR1-76X to denote a lockset with one Pull Handle only. This is a common requirement for use on service riser doors typically found on the corridor immediately outside a bedroom module. Please see our brochure below for alternative handle options.

This lockset is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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