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PR-1-46 Bedroom Lockset

An entry level lockset for use in low-risk patient areas.

Product use:

  •     Bedrooms
  •     Offices / staff areas
  •     CTM's
  •     Therapy Rooms
  •     Storage Areas

Until the launch of Primera's Secondary Barricade Override system in 2009 the '46' was the flagship of the Primera anti-ligature range and most popular product by far. The stylish radius plates are a recent design development and have rapidly become the preferred choice of many mental health facilities around the country due to softer lines and less institutional appearance.
Tested to the very highest standard (Level 4 - DHF TS001) the '46' provides the service user with an easy to operate internal Turn/Pull to enable locking of the bedroom door for the purposes of privacy & dignity and to fully comply with current mental health legislation. The functions of the '46' also make it a sensible option for a wide range of other applications.

Incorporating a unique anti-barricade mechanism ensures that the staff keys will always dominate the lock even if the service user tries to prevent access by holding the handle inside the door. This feature has become a trademark of the Primera range and widely recognised throughout the public and private sector as the most reliable way to ensure staff access in the event of an emergency barricade scenario. Most competitor products utilise a clutch mechanism to provide this function. Such products have many short comings not least of which is the potential for the clutch to slip prematurely potentially locking a service user in their room.

This product is available in a wide range of different electro-plated or powder coated paint finishes to compliment the design of any modern day mental health environment. Please see our brochure below for alternative handle options.

This lockset is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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