PR3 Secondary Override 46 Bedroom Lockset

Premium level lockset for use in medium-high risk patient areas

Product use:
Office/Staff Areas
Therapy Rooms
Bedroom Locksets coupled with the benefit of Primera's proprietary Secondary Barricade Override mechanism have undoubtedly become the flagship of the Primera range. With a broad selection of different anti-ligature handle options to choose from, the Bedroom Lockset can now be specified to suit the growing demand for anti-ligature products where dexterity or mobility issues are a concern and where a 'pinch grip' product may not be suitable.

Like all other Primera locksets, the '46' is tested to the highest standard of the Door & Hardware Federation's Technical Specification for Anti-ligature Products (TS001) and provides the service user with an easy to operate Turn/Pull on the inside of the room to enable locking and unlocking of the door for the purposes of privacy & dignity.

In addition to the Primary Barricade function, where the key always dominates the Turn/Pull, this model is equipped with the added feature of a Secondary Barricade Override mechanism which enables nursing staff to unlock a door even when the service user has taken deliberate measures to block the keyway in a more determined barricade attempt. This Secondary feature also helps clinical staff to address the problems that arise from snapped keys or failed locking cylinders which is not uncommon in the mental healthcare environment.

Typically, bedroom doors which normally open inwards are equipped with double swing hinges and removable doorstops to enable nursing staff to pull the door open in the outwards direction when presented with an emergency situation. The combination of both Primary and Secondary Barricade Override options provides a failsafe, tried and tested mechanism to ensure nursing staff can always gain access to a room and has become the preferred choice for many Mental Health Facilities around the UK and Australia due to the additional flexibility provided.
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Warranty Information

Hipac At Risk Patient Protection products are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. All Hipac products are warranted to be free from defects at time of purchase. At Risk Patient Protection Products that fail due to defects will be replaced or repaired for a period of five years from date of dispatch. Our warranty does not cover damaged items due to abuse, misuse or normal wear and usage.

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