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PR-3S-66 Latch-Lock (Key/Turn) Lockset

This lockset features a handle on the inside & the door automatically locks when closed ideal for 'off-limit' areas by providing staff peace of mind and keeping service users safer.

This lockset also features our most popular handle which is engineered to be highly ligature resistant, and is typically used where manual dexterity is not a concern.

The handle and lockset are mounted separately.  The handle is mounted on a radius-cut plate.

In the most common barricade scenario, the staff key dominates the internal turn/pull, ending the barricade quickly and simply. 

There are four additional emergency override methods built into this lockset to overcome determined barricades. We hope you rarely use them, but they may just save a life.

This lockset is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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