mTouch 9 ICU/CCU Patient Monitor

The mTouch9 is an advanced Patient Monitor with powerful networking capabilities.

The features of the mTouch9 Patient Monitor include:

  • 15" TFT full touch screen display
  • High end parameters include: 12 lead ECG,MasimoSp02, EtC02, 4 - IBP and Sun Tech NIBP
  • Includes a bulk capacity SD card and USB flash drive
  • External 4-channel wide-size printer, stand by at any time
  • Wire or wireless networking available

Standard Package Inclusions

1 x Adult Fingerclip Sp02 Sensor, 3.0m, Lemon 6 Pin (SKU:119749)
1 x One Piece, 5 Lead ECG Cable, 6 Pin, Snap IEC (SKU:119581)
1 x ECG Disposable Electrode (10 Pieces/Bag) (SKU:119757)
1 x One Piece 3 Lead ECG Cable, 6 Pin, Snap IEC (SKU:119704)
1 x NIBP Air Tubing (SKU:119760)
1 x YSI Temperature Probe, Skin (SKU:119763)

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Warranty Information

Hipac Patient Monitors are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. All Hipac products are warranted to be free from defects at time of purchase.  Our warranty does not cover damaged items due to abuse, misuse or normal wear and usage.

Service & Training

All service, demonstration & training requests for this product should be made directly to Customer Care Team on 1800 759 393.