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Passport Proximity Lockset Amadeo

PASSPORT Amadeo is the next generation of access control system. It works with the same trusted hardware as the existing PASSPORT Solo system and for patients, familiar with its easy card, fob or wristband operation, it works identically, but behind the scenes, it's gathering information. Amadeo can keep track of the movements of any number of 'key' holders, logging dates, times, who and where was entered. Due to being a WI-FI enabled system, it is entirely safe for use in challenging environments.

PASSPORT Amadeo incorporates all the features of the PASSPORT Solo lockset detailed above, along with the following additional capabilities:

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • NFC (Near field communications)
  • Real-time access changes
  • Temporary keys
  • Audit trail
  • Time zones

A significant benefit of this model is how quick and simple it is to program, directly from the central computer. With Internet access, a door can be programmed remotely but securely and a virtual key issued from just about anywhere.
The amount of control and recording can be tailored to different user and staff requirements. PASSPORT Amadeo is a powerful combination of great hardware and practical software and is sure to make the management of mental healthcare facilities easier and safer.

This lockset is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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Key Features of the PASSPORT:

  • Patient empowering
  • Visual and audible signaling
  • Simple to operate and program
  • Stand-alone, battery-powered
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Robust and impact resistant
  • Bolt through fixings
  • External battery access
  • Concealed emergency override mechanism
  • Automatic dead-locking function
  • No cylinder required