3008 Clarity Surgical Imaging Table

The 3008 Clarity combines quality and versatility in a Surgical Imaging table. With radiolucent 2100mm carbon fibre table top and floating top functionality, the 3008 offers precise and infinite control of the top's movement. The wide range of motion and radiolucency make the Clarity a versatile and adaptive table for a variety of specalities  and case types.

Single-touch pendant and free float controls permit smooth multi-directional top slide and allow for operation from any point around the table's perimeter.

  • Full function, electro-hydraulic batter powered surgical table.
  • 225kg lift and top slide capacity.
  • Four-point, self-leveling brake system assures stability and patient safety.
  • Automated return to level function.
  • Single-touch pendant control


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SKU: 139608

Key Specifications

Table Top Length: 2100mm
Table Top Width: 500mm
Width with side rails: 560mm
Max. Height: 1065mm
Min. Height: 710mm
Lateral Tilt (left/right): 20°
Trendelenburg: 20°
Reverse Trendelenburg: 20°
Slide X, Y: 200mm x 710mm
Weight Capacity Lift & Top  Slide:                               225kg
Weight Capacity Articulating: 136kg
Pendant Control: Return to level (return to horizontal position from articulated positions)
Hand Console: Lateral Slide, Longitudinal Slide



3008 Clarity Imaging Surgical Table Brochure