26 Inch Radiance G2 HD Flat Screen Display with Fibre Connection

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SKU: 117412


The 117412 is a 26" LCD flat screen that displays images in high-definition. Images can be received from various source types, making the display compatible with most current, future and legacy imaging equipment. With the display's Multiple-Modality Imaging (MMI) technology, images from two sources can be simultaneously combined into one image. With its flat and compact design, this display will minimize its footprint in the OR while delivering only the highest quality of images.



  • 26" viewing area
  • 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • Accommodates various source types: DVI, HD-SDI, RGBS, VGA, SOG, S-Video, Composite
  • MMI technology combines two source images into one for efficient visualization of internal abnormalities
  • On-screen menu for source input selection and visual adjustments
  • Fluid-resistant front panel
  • Fan-less operation
  • Fiber optic source inputs can be connected directly to display