Tandem Mount with Flat Screen

Skytron's tandem mount with flat screen features two dual arm sets from a single ceiling-mounted hub. The upper arm set is designed to support a carrier while the lower arm set can hold up to two flat screen displays. This configuration is ideal for added accessibility to equipment, medical gases and utilities without sacrificing the space and coverage you require. This Skytron-exclusive design reduces construction costs by using only one mounting structure.

All models are available as either standard or heavy duty.


  • Upper Arm Set = 1549/800mm (standard), 1295/902mm (heavy duty)
  • Lower Arm Set = 1295/902mm (standard), 1054/902mm (heavy duty)
  • Supports multiple carrier styles and flat screen mounts
  • Friction braking system reduces maintenance costs
  • Heavy duty models feature increased weight capacity
  • Powered, fixed or manual height adjustment
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