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PR-LL-56 Indicator Lockset

A simple, cost effective solution for use in low-medium risk patient areas.

Product use:

  • En-Suite/Bathrooms
  • Assisted Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Therapy Rooms

The PR-LL-56 is unique in design and the only fully integrated bathroom lock with the benefit of barricade override and indicator facility operating on a simple budget key mechanism. Unlike conventional locking cylinders which, in mental health, are prone to tamper, the Life-Line is designed as such that any foreign object pushed in to the key-way will not jam the locking mechanism. This simple but very robust locking mechanism is without any significant key profiling and has been developed specifically to enable the removable of foreign objects from the key-way with ease reducing the potential for barricade.

Like all Primera indicator locks, this product comes equipped with Primera's industry leading Primary Barricade Override mechanism ensuring clinical staff have the means to unlock the door regardless of whatever the service user may be doing on the inside to prevent staff access.

Primera indicator locks are often used in other applications(mainly bedrooms). This is due to the fact that the indicator is controlled only by the internal Turn/Pull and not by the key. As such, any room with single door access showing occupied status (red) most definitely has someone inside the room. It is not possible to change the status of the indicator by key. Therefore, if the door is locked with the indictor in the unoccupied position (white) the door has been locked by key which can be helpful to staff when the room needs to be isolated.

Available with a choice of three different handle options, Pinch Grip, Elephants Trunk & Recessed Grab the product is suitable for a variety of different applications ranging from CAMHS through to Dementia units.
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