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PR-LL-46 Bedroom Lockset

A simple, cost effective solution for use in low-medium risk patient areas.

Product use:

  • Bedrooms
  • Offices/staff areas
  • CTM's
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Storage Areas

In recent years a number of mental health organisations have taken an interest in less sophisticated keying systems operating on a simple budget key. The fundamental benefit of such a system is that the key-way is blind and deliberately designed to be very 'open' allowing for the easy removal of any foreign objects and yet, without any significant reduction in security.

Most mental health service providers have, at some time or another, experienced the problems associated with service users blocking up the key-way to their bedroom in a barricade attempt using chewing gum or chewed toilet paper in their efforts to prevent clinical staff from gaining access.

Primera Life Line is a bespoke product designed specifically to reduce the risk of any foreign object being jammed in the key-way that might otherwise prevent the lock from operating.

As you might imagine the Life Line includes the same proprietary Primary Barricade Override feature that is included in all Primera Turn/Pull locksets. This patented feature ensures that the key will always operate the lock no matter what the service user may be doing on the inside of the room to prevent staff access.

The PR-LL-46 range has been specifically designed for the bedroom application providing the service user with a mechanism to enjoy privacy and dignity but with critical safety features to ensure staff access when required. Available with a choice of three different handle options, Pinch Grip, Elephants Trunk & Recessed Grab the product is suitable for a variety of different applications ranging from CAMHS through to Dementia units. Please see our brochure below for alternative handle options.

This lockset is tested to Level A4 TS001 Grade

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