Emergency Override Tool Kit

The Emergency Override Tool Kit contains all the items required to operate the 5-Way Staff Override System on PR-3S and Passport Locksets. The kit includes a screwdriver for the removal of the anti-tamper screw and a multi-tool which is used to unlock the door, which also acts as an aid to the clinical staff, providing more than adequate pulling force and leverage from the outside of the door to ensure the door can be opened in an outward direction. The kit also includes the Lifeline Butterfly Key suitable for use for any products keyed to this system e.g. Movastop, Locksets, Vision Panels, etc.

This is an essential accessory for facilities with PR-3S or Passport Locksets and should be available to the fitter during installation. Typically one per ward is sufficient. Clinical staff must be fully aware of its location and trained in the use of this essential equipment. Clear signage advising of storage location is also recommended.

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