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Lucina 4 Recessed Examination Lighting

Featuring Skytron's industry exclusive LED strobe-guided technology, the Lucina 4 positioning wand ensures that the light and caregiver remain focused on the patient. Positioning the light is easy with the convenient wand point toward the targeted location and the click of a button directs the spot. Available in configurations ranging from one to four lights, the Lucina 4 wand controls positioning and on/off of all lights simultaneously.

Mounted flush with the ceiling, the Lucina 4 exam light promotes a comfortable atmosphere and non-intimidating environment for the patient. An array of LEDs provides high-intensity light and accurate color representation, making the Lucina 4 ideal for clinical spaces that won't accommodate the footprint of traditional healthcare lighting systems.

The Lucina 4 integrates seamlessly into LDR suites, patient rooms, critical care departments, hybrid operating rooms, cath labs and more.

Key Features:

  • Unique LED strobe-guided positioning wand
  • Maximum intensity of 28,320 lux at a 10' working distance (two lights)
  • Fully recessed 24" square fixture fits into ceiling grid
  • Long lasting LEDs
  • Light beam can be angled up to 47° for superior illumination
  • Wall control with on/off, intensity and backup directional controls
  • Available in one, two, three or four light configurations
  • Wall control and positioning wand are required
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Service & Training

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