Anti-Ligature Ensuite Door Set

The ensuite door set is revolutionary in the mental healthcare industry, providing the first practical solution for ensuite doors that is completely free from any ligature points. The door set features two lightweight door leaves that attached to magnetic pivot points. These magnetic pivot points allow for normal opening and closing of the doors however will release if an abnormal load is applied i.e. a ligature attempt. These doors are waterproof and durable however due to their lightweight and flexible nature they make very ineffective weapons which minimises the risk that these could be used against staff or other service users. Once released the door leaves need a staff key to reinstate them meaning that an attempted ligature attempt wont go unnoticed.

Furthermore these are designed to be quickly and easily retro-fitted meaning that patient rooms do not need to be shut down for more than a couple of hours to enable the install.


  • Lightweight door leaves
  • Magnetic load release pivots
  • Staff key door leaf reinstatement
  • Interchangeable door leaves with multiple designs available


  • No known ligature points
  • Provides privacy and dignity without compromising on safety
  • Interchangeable door leaves can allow users to customise the décor in their room potentially aiding recovery
  • Quick install means minimal disturbance to use of patient rooms
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