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Door Top Alarm

The Door Top Alarm (DTA) is a technology and hardware product that is integrated into the head (top) of a timber door, to alert staff of a potential ligature attempt.

It sends a signal to the staff attack system to alert the clinical team when a patient has attempted to jam an item between the head of the door and the door frame.

The DTA has a discreet sensor which is installed across the full width of the door leaf, which detects if weight has been applied e.g. the weight from a ligature attempt using the top of the door, or if something is jammed between the top of the door and the head of the frame. To minimise false alarms, the system has a built in time delay that is adjustable between 5 and 30 seconds. This ensure that the alarm won't be triggered by accidental bumps of patients playing with the sensor. Only a sustained applied weight (as would be the case in ligature attempt) will trigger the alarm and alert staff to respond.

The Door Top Alarm is compatible with most duress or staff attack systems. When the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the designated system which then alerts staff via whichever means are currently in use by the facility and clinical team. This could be an audible alarm, staff indicator panel, pager, handsets or main nurse station computer.

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