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Vitesse K9500 Anti-Ligature Flexible Curtain Tracking

The Vitesse K9500 is an anti-ligature flexible curtain tracking system that is manufactured from a special plastic formulation, which is designed to be flexible enough to prevent its use as a weapon by prisoners or violent psychiatric patients. It is shatterproof and will not produce sharp edges, if deliberately broken. It is attached to the ceiling or wall with Kestrel magnetic load release brackets, to ensure that if an abnormal load, such as an attempted ligature, is applied to the track, it will release, removing any ligature points. After the event, the tracking can easily be refitted by simply placing it back onto the magnetic brackets. It is recommended for use only with lightweight curtains and where the risk of violence precludes the use of Vitesse K6200 Aluminium Track.


Vitesse K9500 Fleible Hand Drawn Curtain Track with Kestrel Magnetic Suspension System. White plastic track complete with 16 gliders per metre, and magnetic wall-fix or top-fix brackets as necessary, spaced in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

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