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Kestrel Movatrack Anti-Ligature Shower Tracking System

The Kestrel K100 Anti-Ligature Shower Curtain tracking system is made from a rigid, high grade white or silver aluminium tracks with maintenance free, wheeled roller hooks. It uses magnetic wall-fix brackets where the track meets the wall and magnetic top-fix brackets where suspension hangers meet the ceiling. This ensures that, under abnormal load, the suspension hander separates from the ceiling bracket leaving no remaining ligature points - a highly essential safety feature, as is is suprisingly easy to attach a cord to a fixed vertical rod and use it as a ligature point. 90 degree curtain tracking can also be directly fixed to the ceiling utilising magnetic top-fix brackets, however curtains should include breathing mesh if used in a shower or other wet area.

The shower curtain tracking kits are supplied with all required components and can be trimmed to fit during installation.


​1200mm x 1200mm 

Can be trimmed to suit any facility

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