Compactors allow maximum use of the existing area and are custom designed to suit your product and storage parameters. Installing a compactus will increase storage space by 40%

Compactors are custom made for each installation in order to gain maximum space efficiency. They can be manufactured in any of our shelf sizes to suit your product and storage parameters. Even with large or bulky goods, the compactus mobiles have ball bearings mounted at the track guide, to ensure streamlined movement of each mobile bay.

Our compactors are unique in that they have two specially designed overhead rails which allow static shelving units to move along tracking rails to access goods required. This ensures dust won't collect in bottom rails, as some compactors are designed. Hipac can design your top track compactor with multiple bays of various depths and widths. 

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Warranty Information

Compactus is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. All Hipac products are warranted to be free from defects at time of purchase. Our warranty does not cover damaged items due to abuse, misuse or normal wear and usage.

Service & Training

All service, demonstration & training requests for this product should be made directly to Customer Care Team on 1800 759 393.