Operating Theatre Pendant and Light Packages

Bringing Clarity and Simplicity to Operating Theatre Design

To help streamline the theatre design process, Hipac has pre-configured pendant and lighting packages to suit all major surgical specialities. Our designs combine internationally recognised best practice, with local knowledge of common project pitfalls, to deliver modern theatre environments that facilitiate the efficient functions of Australian healthcare facilities.

Hipac Pendants

Key benefits of utilising industry standard design include:

  • Easier onboarding of new staff
  • Streamlined case workflow
  • Ability to standardise designs across your facilities

Using these designs as a starting point for a project can promote staff engagement from the very beginning

This early involvement of clinical staff reduces the workload of change management personnel and allows for staff the opportunity to champion the redevelopment from within

Whether you are close to commencing construction or are simply after guidance on the many facets of redeveloping your theatre complex, Hipac Product Specialists are available for a conversation on our range of pre-configured designs and how they can assist you bring about efficiencies, cost savings and a reduction to your overall project time-frame.

Pendant Configurations
Pendant Configurations
Pendant Configurations