Mental Health Facility Reference Sites

At Hipac, we are incredibly privileged to have worked together with Mental Health facilities to protect the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. 

Below are just a few of the facilities that have been fitted with our industry leading At Risk Patient Protection Products. 

Sydney Clinic, NSW

The Sydney Clinic is a private mental health hospital. This facility in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs has been assisting the most vulnerable in our society for over 40 years. Specialising in a broad range of disorders and drug and alcohol detoxification, the program is run by a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals. Hipac has worked alongside The Sydney Clinic to supply them durable essentials to assist in ensuring patient safety.

Campbelltown Hospital, NSW

Campbelltown Hospital is a public hospital under NSW Health. They deliver a range of integrated and specialist services, including a specialised order person's unit and a medium secure unit for adults. Hipac assisted in the redevelopment by providing essential items to assist in the prevention of harm to patients. We provided a range of specific hardware items such as hinges as well as window curtain tracking to provide a sense of normality to patients.

The Melbourne Clinic, VIC

The Melbourne Clinic is Australia's largest private mental health service with 203 inpatient beds. Providing a wide range of inpatient services, day programs, and an outreach program. With over 200 accredited specialists and an extensive multidisciplinary team, the Melbourne Clinic is an integral part of mental health care in Australia. Hipac worked alongside the clinic providing a range of essential items for the patient bedroom and bathrooms.

Sunshine Hospital, VIC

The Sunshine Hospital was part of the Pathways 144 Mental Health Expansion project. It is now a 52 bed acute mental health facility, which is estimated to allow an additional 1,153 patients access to mental health care. Hipac has worked alongside the Expansion project to assist in providing contemporary mental healthcare to locals, by providing a range of hardware and specialised items.

McKellar Centre, VIC

The McKellar Centre Acute Mental Health Unit is a 16 bed community-based care in Geelong. Designed to provide a warm and contemporary environment to patients requiring immediate treatment, this facility will provide an additional 355 patients access to mental healthcare. Hipac worked with the facility to provide a range of hardware items to reduce the possibility of patient harm.

Women's and Children's Hospital, SA

The Women's and Children's hospital offers a range of mental health options for children and adolescence. With 12 individual patient rooms as well as an array of sensory spaces, quiet rooms and a recreational area, this facility is warm and less hospital looking to assist with restfulness and wellbeing. Hipac worked with the Women's and Children's Hospital to provide an array of additional safety features.

Albany Regional Hospital, WA

The Albany Regional Hospital provides treatment for people with mental illness. With 16 beds, this facility primarily focuses on patients with short term stays and recovery-orientated services. Hipac worked with the Albany Regional Hospital to provide a range of door hardware and additional items to further increase the safety of the patients.

North Metropolitan Health Service, WA

The North Metropolitan Health Service provides acute care and rehabilitation services. This hospital is an authorised inpatient mental health with 121 beds for the care of youths, adults and older adults with mental illness. Hipac worked with the Health Service to supply a wide range of safe and reliable products to reduce the risk of patient harm.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital offers acute mental health care to a range of patients. Offering services including psychiatric intensive care, mental health short stays and older persons mental health services, TQEH provides essential care to a broad range of vulnerable people in our community. Hipac has assisted TQEH in providing a safe environment for both staff and patients.

Latrobe Regional Hospital, VIC

Latrobe Regional Hospital offers a range of specialist services. With a full team including nursing, medical and allied health professionals, Latrobe provides a wide range of services. With a wide range of adult mental health service, Latrobe delivers a range of therapeutic interventions, recreational therapies and Secure Extended Care Unit. Hipac worked with Latrobe to provide specialised items to assist in patient and staff safety.