Creating Safe Mental Health Environments

A Safe Environment

Providing a safe and anaesthetically pleasing environment in a Mental Health Facility has always been a design and clinical challenge. This has been made more difficult given the demand for 'normalisation' - the need to create a homely, less institutional environment, yet still providing a high level of staff and patient safety, Traditionally safety has taken precedence over aesthetics and the appearance has been somewhat abandoned. In recent years, it has been proven that the normalisation of patient surroundings, including the provision of a substantial level of privacy and dignity, is essential for a faster recovery.

What are the Risks?

Areas within mental health facilities that offer the greatest risk of injury, self-harm or suicide are doorways, window openings and their associated fixtures and hardware. This especially applies to closed rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom which may be out of the sight of carers. Statistics have demonstrated that the most frequent method of suicide is by hanging or strangulation. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics this method accounts for over half of deaths by suicide in Australia. The most prominent risks within patient areas is the presence of ligature points and the ability for a patient to barricade themselves (with or without hostages) away from staff access and assistance. 

Minimising the Risk

It remains a duty of care to ensure that patients are cared for and accommodate in the safest environment possible. The unique range of Hipac solutions which have been designed exclusively for Mental Health Facilities, Rehabilitation and Detention Centres, adds style and character without compromising safety, functionality or quality. Hipac door hardware products integrate to offer the most comprehensive Anti-Ligature, Anti-Barricade Override System available internationally. This allows staff complete access through locked or barricaded doorways. Hipac solutions do more than just remove the risk - they provide improved levels of emergency access in time-critical situations.

At Hipac we are committed to providing market leading products to suit every application. We carry an extensive range of established products in stock, however we have the ability to modify, adapt, source or create a solution for your unique situation.

Hipac is your partner in care.