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New Brighter Surgical Headlight, plus GoPro Compatability

Posted by Hipac Customer Care on 17 July 2018
New Brighter Surgical Headlight, plus GoPro Compatability

Meet the New MC7 Pro! The new Chrome® bezel and the brightest Surgical Headlight available on the market at 275,000 Lux, 10% brighter than the original MC7 with 11% bigger spot size of 100mm. 

Why MedLED Chrome? The MedLED Chrome® is customisable to suit the requirements of any Surgeon and any procedure, with 3 bezels of differing brightness combined with the 4 MedLED Pillars;

  1. It is truly cordless, eliminating the need for tethered battery packs, removing the risk of tangling cords and connections failing during procedures. 
  2. Comfort balance is ensured through a patented headband system to hold the system together in superb balance, to the extent that you forget it's there.
  3. Modularity is delivered through the choice of soft-top or hard-top, and MC3, MC6 or MC7 Pro bezels.
  4. Brightness is a key player in the Headlight Market, and at 275,000 Lux, the Chrome® features as the brightest surgical LED headlight available on the market.


Did you know?

The MedLED Chrome® is the first surgical headlight to offer GoPro® support and adaptability.

GoPro® mounts* are available to suit the Hero 3 & 4, and the Session 5. 

The MedLED LIVE Package takes HD 1080P Video to:

  • Transmit Live
  • Record and Store

Product Guide

Setup your Camera

Set the EV Comp (Exposure Value Compensation) Recommended -1 or -2.

Affects the Brightness of your videos. Adjusting this setting can improve image quality when shooting in environments with contasting lighting conditions.

Spot Meter. Recommended ON.

Ideal for filming within a dark space with the camera pointed towards a brighter setting.

Recommended Video Settings.

Others may work also depending on application

Video ResolutionFrames/Second (fps) NTSC/PALField of View (FOV)Screen Resolution
720p 240 Narrow 1280x720
1080p 120 & 90 Narrow 1920x1080

During Operation/Recording

Recording to store the video. Recommended empty SD card and understanding of space limitation.

Live Viewing. Recommended viewing on Microsoft Surface Pro® or iPad®.

Taking Pictures. As Needed.

After Operating/Editing

Editing Software. Recommended to use Adobe Premier Pro® or Final Cut Pro®

Recommended Effects. Research using "Warp Stabilizer" or "Stabilize Motion" effect.

For best results, put markers around surgery site that will not move relative to image you are capturing. This way, the marker can be used as a reference whwn stabilising the motion.


Battery Life. Can Vary from 0:55 to 1:55.

Depending on settings, battery life will vary. Check manual to optimise battery life.

*Recommended for use with these GoPro® models, however other cameras may be compatible.

^Details are correct at time of publication and subject to change without notice.

Contact Us to register your intererst in the MedLED Chrome® Capabilities or GoPro® Support and Adaptability.


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