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Introducing the Debello Lateral Hip Positioner

Posted by Hipac Customer Care on 12 November 2018
Introducing the Debello Lateral Hip Positioner

Product Spotlight: Debello Lateral Hip Positioner

A preferred method of hip replacement patient positioning.

Differentiating Features:

  • Assists surgical team to correctly position patients for hip surgery
  • Provides improved access around that patient and operative site
  • Length of lateral bars can be reduced for larger patients, without limiting the ability of the device to support smaller patients
  • Integrated lateral end stops for ease of positioning
  • Incorporates three seamless, vinyl covered, replaceable foam pads designed to reduce the risk of pressure injury when compared with traditional designs
Full Length
Reduced Length

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Universal Bar Clamp

The Universal Bar Clamp is the recommended clamp for the Debello Lateral Hip Positioner.

  • Lightweight aluminium construction, designed to securely fix positioning devices to operating table rails.

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*Details correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without notice. November 2018.

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