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Introducing Hipac's Single Use Patient Positioning Products...

Posted by Hipac Marketing Team on 11 May 2020
Introducing Hipac's Single Use Patient Positioning Products...

Single Use Patient Positioning Products

To assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19 throughout healthcare facilities.

To minimise the infection risk to clinicians and patients in theatre we have carefully developed the following disposable products that can be supplied individually or as a custom pack to suit your unique requirements.

All products are manufactured in Australia and available for immediate delivery.

All foam products below include an Anti-Microbial Protection which is a natural, sustainable, biobased microbial control solution that is derived from coconut oil. Its unique mechanical mode of action means it does not run down or deplete over time, is environmentally friendly, toxin free and safe for all.

As we are the leading manufacturer for infection prevention patient positioning accessories in theatres, if you don't see what you are looking for here please feel free to contact us, we will likely be able to help and would be glad to hear from you.

All foam items below must be used on standard reusable table or positioning pads.

All products featured in this post are covered by TGA-ARTG number 333694.

Below is a snapshot of what we have in stock:


Disposable Prone Anaesthetic Pillow



Disposable Wedge



Disposable Wedge




Disposable Body Support Roll



Disposable Body Support Bolster



Disposable Popliteal/Tubular Support Pad




Disposable Face Mask



Disposable Head and Chin Straps



Disposable Table Cover



Disposable Standard Armboard Pad



Disposable Locking Armboard Pad



Disposable Heel Cup



Disposable Convoluted Full Table Pad



Disposable Armboard Restraint



Disposable Stacked Head Ring



Disposable Patient Care Kit to suit Jackson Frame



Disposable Patient Care Kit to suit Wilson Frame



Contact us on 1800 75 93 93 or [email protected] to request a quote or sample.

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