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Introducing Hipac Anti-Fatigue Floor and Stool Mats

Posted by Hipac Customer Care on 1 August 2019
Introducing Hipac Anti-Fatigue Floor and Stool Mats

Tired of standing? Sometimes there's no option but to stand, whether it's in the operating room during a surgery or procedure, radiology, medication dispensing stations, nurses stations, lab testing areas or pharmacy. 

Increase focus and productivity and reduce the level of staff injury and strain, with a standing solution designed to reduce lower-back and leg strain when staff are required to stand for periods of time. The bounce-back memory foam and energy-return gel in Hipac's Anti-Fatigue matting provides deep-cushioned support and premium comfort, enabling staff to focus their attention on what matters most for their patient or task at hand.

How can Hipac Anti-Fatigue Mats help your facility?

  • Improve patient outcomes through increased staff productivity and focus.
  • Reduce lower back and leg strain with anti-fatigue, energy-return construction.
  • Deep-cushioned support and premium comfort.
  • Bounce-back memory foam will never harden, bottom-out or wear down.
  • Easy to clean top surfaces for quick, effective cleaning.

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Hipac Eco-Pro Anti-fatigue Foam Mats

Hipac Eco-Pro Mats;

Energy-return foam with a non-slip base and topped with an easy to clean polyurethane top surface.

Hipac Medical Anti-Fatigue Gel mat

Hipac Gel Medical Mats;

Energy-return foam and proprietary gel with a non-slip base and topped with an easy to clean polyurethane top surface.

Hipac Anti-Fatigue Mats are designed with an anti-slip base and easy-to-clean top surface, making them an ideal solution for many medical applications.

Call us on 1800 759 393 or send us a message via the Contact Us page to request a demonstration or to determine the suitability of this product for any application.

Ideal For:

  • Operating Rooms
  • ICU
  • Cath Labs
  • Procedure Areas
  • Radiology
  • Nurses Stations
  • Lab Testing Areas
  • Pharmacy



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Hipac Gel Medical Anti-Fatigue Mat

Hipac Gel Medical Mats provide the most superior comfort solution for surgeons, nurses and technicians who stand for long periods of time. The 20mm thick, patented gel and energy-return foam improves comfort, ergonomics and energy during and after procedures. Easy to clean with a polyurethane top surface.

Hipac Gel Medical Surgical Stool Comfort Mat

An effective ergonomic solution for surgeons, nurses and technicians who are required to stand on a medical stool during strenuous surgeries. Available in a reusable or a one-time use, disposable stool mat. The deep-cushioned support and premium comfort of Hipac Gel Medical Mats is designed to mitigate foot, leg and back discomfort for increased productivity and focus during surgery.

Hipac Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Hipac Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat is the ultimate comfort solution, designed to prevent leg, foot and lower back discomfort. Proven to reduce spinal compression, increase flexibility and productivity and lessen aches, strains and work related injuries. Constructed from Polyurethane foam with bounce-back memory, this mat will never bottom out, harden or wear down.

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Hipac Eco-Pro Floor Mat
Hipac Gel Medical Floor Mat
Reusable Step Stool Mat
Disposable Step Stool Mat

Rubber Top  Step Stools
Aluminium Top Step Stools


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