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Hipac Solution-Based Customisation

Posted by Hipac Customer Care on 31 March 2021
Hipac Solution-Based Customisation

Hipac understands that all hospitals and medical facilities are often faced with unique challenges and obstacles. That is why our core focus is on the end user and how each hospital, ward or person will use and interact with each product.

In a constantly evolving industry, it is vital to offer custom capabilities from slightly changing a measurement to developing an entirely new product. Hipac has been working with and listening to hospitals all around Australia to assure that we can provide solutions to your issues and dilemmas, so you can spend more time on patient care.


Hydraulic Mayo Table

Hipac is introducing the new Hydraulic Mayo Table. This Mayo Table is height adjustable via a foot pedal and hydraulic lift. Hipac saw the need for surgeons to quickly raise or lower a Mayo Table whilst maintaining a sterile field.

The Hydraulic Mayo Table is an industry leader in Operating Theatre Mayo Tables due to its safety and quality.


  • Double acting hydraulic pump
  • Rotating and removable table top with safety lock
  • and rounded corners
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • High level of bacterial removal
  • Low level of bacterial retention
  • Excellent durability

Click here to view our Hydraulic Mayo Table.

Quad Glove Box Dispenser

The side-loaded glove box dispenser is designed and manufactured entirely by Hipac here in Australia. Many facilities are faced with the issue of not having an easily accessible glove box that is both hygienic and durable.

Hipac has created a product to perfectly suit any medical facility. The dispenser is designed to be easily attached to any wall and with the clear design, it is easier to distinguish between glove sizes. The Quad Glove Box dispenser can be bulk ordered with a minimum order quantity of 10.

Click here to view our Quad Glove Box Dispenser.


Hipac Chrome Wire Basket Trolley and Cabinets

The Chrome Wire Basket Trolley and Cabinet are completely bespoke products that Hipac designed and manufactured in-house. The Chrome Wire Baskets are a simple storage solution which creates full visibility of the basket contents. This in-turn creates quick and easy access to items, saving valuable time. The medical grade Stainless Steel assures a sturdy and durable product.

Click here to view our Chrome Wire Options.


DIsposable Lithotomy Straps

The Hipac Disposable Lithotomy Straps were originally a custom make design in partnership with a Victorian Hospital. By creating a disposable option, this offered a more hygienic and economical version without sacrificing on patient stability. This once custom item is  now part of our extensive product range and is increasingly popular in hospitals Australia-wide.
We have since expanded our Disposable Lithotomy Straps range and now offer three types:

  • Spring Loaded Clip
  • D-Ring Metal
  • D-Ring Plastic

Click here to view our Disposable Lithotomy Pole Straps.


This is only a few examples of Hipac's custom capabilities from a variety of product categories. Please contact our Customer Care Team to discuss product customisation options to optimise your facility.

We are happy to discuss options in making our products fit perfectly to your facility and requirements.

To request a quote or place an order, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 75 93 93 or [email protected]



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