At Hipac, we have a strong belief in the sustainable growth of our company. That is why our key focus is on creating and upholding a people-centred culture. Each day, Hipac strives to make a positive impact on the Healthcare industry in Australia. By providing Healthcare facilities with the latest and safest innovations, we are striving to improve patient outcomes and making the lives of front line workers easier.

Hipac has been manufacturing healthcare equipment for over 30 years. Taking pride in our custom made, one off items we offer fast and reliable lead times. Hipac can also adapt and modify internationally sourced equipment to suit the rigours and demands of local procedures, methods and requirements.

Hipac offers a superior range of high quality, aesthetic, reliable and serviceable products. Our existing accessory adaption ensures reduced upfront capital investment costs and proven lower life cycle costs. By having industry leading suppliers and an in-house product development team, Hipac is assured to be constantly revolutionising the way that we do healthcare.


Helping people in healthcare to be the best at what they do.

Core Values

We go the extra mile
We are committed to out customers in every aspect by ensuring they receive the perfect solution and ongoing support.


We work as a team
Working together facilitates better problem solving and generates ideas faster. Many hands together cover the whole sphere, and we live and work by that.


We keep our promises
We vow to provide world-class service, safe and innovative products with reliable lead times.

We are accurate, tidy and safe
Our focus is on perfections, which in turn creates a safe and tidy work environment, so everything we do is to the highest standard.


Customer-focused service
Our goal is to provide fast and reliable service to every facility to ensure limited down-time, so our customers can focus on what matters most.


We care
We care about you. We care about our team members, our culture, our customers and the patients who's lives are made better by the many hands at Hipac.