At Hipac, we have a strong belief in the sustainable growth of our company. That is why our key focus is on creating and upholding a people-centred culture. Each day, Hipac strives to make a positive impact on the Healthcare industry in Australia. By providing Healthcare facilities with the latest and safest innovations, we are striving to improve patient outcomes and making the lives of front line workers easier.

Hipac has been manufacturing healthcare equipment for over 30 years. Taking pride in our custom made, one off items we offer fast and reliable lead times. Hipac can also adapt and modify internationally sourced equipment to suit the rigours and demands of local procedures, methods and requirements.

Hipac offers a superior range of high quality, aesthetic, reliable and serviceable products. Our existing accessory adaption ensures reduced upfront capital investment costs and proven lower life cycle costs. By having industry leading suppliers and an in-house product development team, Hipac is assured to be constantly revolutionising the way that we do Healthcare.

Our Vision

A vibrant enthusiastic team of dynamic individuals possessing a genuine interest in the needs of those surrounding them, whose attitude and actions benefit not only our clients and their patients but reach out to touch humanity.

Our staff find work rewarding and enjoyable and our customers find engagement with them fulfilling. Stakeholders are satisfied and supportive. A carefully selected portfolio of solid reliable products is sourced from a long lineup of manufacturers worldwide seeking well supported representation throughout the country.

Growth is sustained by the energy of a service division unequalled for its reliability, dependability and efficiency. It will be capable of a four hour response time anywhere on this vast continent.

Relationships formed will endure.

Our Community Responsibility

At Hipac we are constantly innovating our internal practices in order to create a better impact both socially and environmentally. Some of our contributions to this cause are:

  • All of Hipac's manufacturing occurs in Australia from two locations, providing local work opportunities to Australians.
  • We have introduced several environmental procedures to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced. This includes a company-wide recycling initiative, the use of recycled packaging, and striving to be fully paperless by 2023.
  • Supporting young Australians through offering apprentice packages at our manufacturing facilities in Huntingdale, Victoria and Goulburn, New South Wales. 
  • Hipac is privileged to offer a number of job opportunities to people with physical and mental disabilities. Whilst working at Hipac, these staff members will receive continual support and training in conjunction with NDIS support.

What Guides Us

Open, honest and loyal in every sphere and relationship.

Put the needs of others ahead of my own.

Possess a caring and considerate disposition.

A smile, a kind word, a greeting costs nothing but is priceless.

Display a spirit of generosity, kindness and compassion.

Maintain tidy and safe facilities, work areas and practices.

Do it once, do it right and do it in the least amount of time. Be punctual.

Keep customers, suppliers and fellow workers informed.

Maintain accurate records for a better tomorrow. Be accountable.

Do it smarter, better, quicker. Think outside the box.

See a need do something about it....now.