About Medical Services Pendants

What is a Medical Services Pendant?

Medical Services Pendants, also known as Booms, are one of the most important pieces of equipment within the operating theatre, which ensure efficient use of space to provide staff with a method of transporting required medical services to the patient quickly and effectively.

Traditionally, staff have been required to run hoses and cables across the floor to power the tools they use each day in the pursuit of improved patient outcomes. This approach creates many issues, including trip hazards for staff, decreased theatre usability from unintended "no-walk" zones, and the need to install equipment on mobile trolleys which require storage outside of the theatre after each procedure.

Medical Services Pendants address all of these issues by relocating the necessary electrical, gas, audio visual and data services from their usual wall panel to the pendant carrier unit, which can be moved around the theatre and positioned in close proximity to the surgeon, anaesthetist and patient.

This carrier is suspended from the ceiling via one or two rotating arms allowing the required services to be brought right to the area of work. This allows for maximum configurability of the operating theatre and provides the staff unhindered access around the room, without the risk of injury to themselves or others.

The Hipac Difference

Drawing on over three decades of experience, working side-by-side with clinical staff within the surgical suite, Hipac is truly committed to delivering exceptional solutions, with tangible, improved space and workflow designs.

The Hipac range of Medical Services Pendants are recognised among the best in the world. A strong and long lasting strategic partnership with USA based manufacturer Skytron allows Hipac to ensure that our partnering facilities achieve the best clinical outcomes, through leveraging access to global thought leaders who are consistently pursuing and contributing to international best practice in the operating theatre environment.

Every Hipac project is delivered to the highest of standards, through a strict adherence to an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Projects are carefully managed from beginning to end, by one point of contact ensuring clients always have a clear line of communication and that predetermined outcomes are achieved in line with expectations.